Remove unwanted hair long-term on virtually any area of your body with our newest, most advanced technology laser. Lutronic Clarity II™ is an FDA-approved high-powered, dual-wavelength laser platform capable of up to 2X faster hair removal. Suitable for almost all skin types and more delicate facial hair.

Clarity II™ has two cooling systems: a built-in cryogenic spray that instantly cools the skin across the treatment area and a traditional air-cooling system. These dual cooling systems make these treatments much more comfortable than alternative treatments, even if the patient has not requested topical numbing before their treatment.

Typically, 5-6 sessions are needed to achieve desired results (this varies from person to person)

The Clarity II™ laser can also rapidly remove pigment and vascular lesions in all skin types.

ADD ON for comfort

Topical Numbing



How Do I Prepare For My Appointment?

Shave the area being treated 24 hours before your appointment.

NO plucking or waxing – MUST have hair in the follicle

NO sun-tanning or tanning beds 7-10 days prior to your treatment

NO Retinol products on the area being treated 7-10 days before your treatment

Any antibiotics or medications that cause photosensitivity – please discontinue 7-10 days before treatment