Women’s bodies are amazing! And we know that it can be extremely frustrating when your body is not functioning the way you believe it should or the way it once did.

Female intimate wellness is one of the fastest-growing segments of anti-aging.  Rejuvenation and restoration for the function and well-being of women’s health is an essential service to us at SPALI.  We can customize the perfect treatment plan to address your individual concerns and goals, including urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, lack of sensation, low libido, painful intercourse, and laxity in the labia and vulva.

Votiva™ is an energy-based, non-invasive procedure that uses Radio Frequency (RF) energy to provide uniform deep heating for tissue remodeling of the vagina and labia.  During Votiva™ treatment, RF-energy is delivered to the internal and external tissues using a thin, lubricated wand about the diameter of a pinky finger. There is no recovery or downtime. Patients may resume all physical activities immediately, including intimacy.

Optimal results will be achieved with a series of treatments, usually three in total, and most patients see impressive results a few weeks following their first treatment.

up to 60 minutes

ADD ON for comfort 

Topical Numbing | included in treatment price

Pronox gas